Jesus ‘the only’ & Star Wars

I understand how rhetoric works, but on occasions it grates.  There was a song I encountered in church some time back in which the congregation was invited to sing the line “Jesus, you are the only one who died for me”.  Ironically the song was on the order of service for Remembrance Day.  Lazy all round, and deeply offensive to all those who had died (whether we want to legitimate the deaths with sacralising language like ‘sacrifice’ or not) that we might live!

Just to change the focus, trawling the web today I came across the following picture.  Apart from my concern over the rhetoric, I can actually think of a good many things better than that trailer (and even more so, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens film itself).  But for that you’ll need to await the 2nd edition of my Gospel According to Star Wars (Louisville: WJK, forthcoming).  It should be in a good bookshop by early 2017.  One of the things it particularly deals with is the issue of how our instincts and beliefs are formed by certain kinds of representations of violence, and of what kinds of reimagining of who we are is required in order to become a peaceable and peacemaking people.


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