Curriculum Vitae

This CV was accurate as of 4th May 2015

John C. McDowell

Professor of Theology and Director of Research, University of Divinity, Melbourne.

Tertiary Education

1994-8            PhD. Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge (Thesis: Beyond Tragedy:  Hope’s Interrogative and Transformative Performance in the Eschatology of Karl Barth, with Particular Reference to Church Dogmatics IV.3), supervisors: Profs. Nicholas Lash & David Ford; examiners: Profs John Webster & David Ford

1989-93          BD hons, first class Faculty of Divinity, University of Aberdeen (Hons. in Church History and Systematic Theology, 7 academic prizes [including the Faculty Prize 1993, John Laws Scottish Church History Prize 1993]

Academic Career

2015-               Director of Research & Professor of Theology at University of Divinity, Melbourne.  Research Associate of Trinity College at the University of Divinity, and Teaching Fellow at Catholic Theological College at the University of Divinity.

2009-14               Morpeth Professor of Theology & Religious Studies, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

2000-2008      Meldrum Lecturer in Systematic Theology, School (Faculty until 2002) of Divinity, University of Edinburgh; promoted to Senior Lecturer in August 2007.  Director of Undergraduate Studies (June 2006-Dec 2008).

1999-2001      MTh supervisor, Centre for Jewish and Christian Relations, Wesley House, Cambridge

1996-2000      Head of Religious Studies, Head of Philosophy, Co-ordinator of Sports, Information Technology Tutor, and English as a Foreign Language Tutor, Cambridge Arts and Sciences Independent Sixth Form College, Cambridge

1998-9            MA Lecturer in Christian Doctrine, Ethics, and Philosophy of Religion, Monkfield Theological College, Theological College, Leadenham

1994-5            Undergraduate Tutor in Systematic Theology, University of Aberdeen

External Recognition

  • Invited and appointed as Associate Editor, Book Reviews Editor, and on the Internal Board and ANZATS Colloquium Panel for the journal Colloquium.
  • Conference keynote speech invitations (The Future of God, Melbourne College of Divinity and ANZATS, July 2010 ; Darwin and the Church, St. Paul’s College, University of Sydney, Nov. 2009 ; Trinitarian Theology After Barth Symposium, Auckland NZ May 2009; Scottish Barth Colloquim, New College Edinburgh 2004).
  • Invited to deliver the New College Lecture, at New College, University of New South Wales (Sept 2011); and the Morpeth Lecture at Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle NSW (May, 2009).
  • Conference paper invitations (The Karl Barth Society of North America at the AAR Nov. 2007; SST 2003 and 2005; Tyndale House 2001; Whitefield Institute 1996 and 2000)
  • PG seminar paper invitations (Universities of St. Andrews 2001 and Cambridge 1996; International Christian College Glasgow 1999)
  • Invited to speak at the One World Forum (Jan 2008), and at the Religion & Media Conference (Iran, 2008).
  • Board member for, and co-organiser of, the ‘Biennial Philosophy and Theology Conference’, Sydney (2009-).
  • Commissioned to write Eschatology, Guides to Theology (Grand Rapids, Mich.:  Eerdmans, forthcoming, 2015).
  • Invited to write Bultmann:  Guide for the Perplexed (London and New York:  Continuum) 2007.
  • Commissioned to edit the revised New Dictionary of Theology (Leicester:  IVP).
  • Commissioned Articles (Theology and Tragedy 2009; revised New Dictionary of Theology 2007; New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics 2005; Hand of Mercy Theological Journal 2005; Evangelical Quarterly 2002; Whitefield Briefings 2000).
  • Commissioned Book Proposal Report (Palgrave Macmillan)
  • Commissioned Journal Article Reports (American Philosophical Quarterly, Heythrop Journal, International Journal of Systematic Theology)
  • Commissioned Book Reviews (Modern Theology, International Journal of Systematic Theology, Heythrop Journal, Reviews in Religion and Theology, Evangelical Quarterly, Expository Times, Theology, Themelios).
  • Academic Reference Request in support of Postdoctoral award for post-buy-out (Exeter University); academic reference request in support of application for conference costs from Bt. Academy
  • Invited to be treasurer of SST from April 2005-6 [Member of Society for the Study of Theology (1998-); nominated for the committee (2003)]
  • Nominated member of the Panel of Doctrine, Church of Scotland (2003-8)
  • Member of the Christian Theological Research Fellowship (2002-)
  • Invited to be external examiner for Scottish Baptist College (2006-9)
  • Invited to examine PhD thesis University of Manchester (Feb 2008).
  • Invited to apply for lectureship in theology at the University of Nottingham (2001)); and the Head of Theology position at Tabor College Victoria (2010).
  • Invited to lecture at Newcastle Anglican Clergy Conference (Feb 2009, Nov 2011), the Anglican Synod (Oct 2010), and the Newcastle School of Theology (Oct 2009).

External Examinerships

  • Appointed external examiner for International Christian College (2004-8)
  • Appointed external examiner for St. John’s College, Nottingham (2006-8)
  • PhD theses:  University of Otago (2010); University of Melbourne (2009); University of Exeter (Nov. 2008); University of Aberdeen (June 2008); University of Glasgow (April 2008); University of Exeter (June 2008).  Invited to examine at University of Manchester (June 2008).
  • External Research Higher Degree confirmation panel representative:  Avondale College (Dec 2011, May 2012).


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