University Lectures

I have had the privilege of studying under some inspiring teachers in my time (in particular Nicholas Lash, David Ford, George Steiner, Don Cupitt, Trevor Hart), and of learning from working with some tremendous teachers at Edinburgh (especially Helen Bond, Hannah Holtschneider, David Fergusson).   One of the things I have appreciated  is having the opportunity to learn from not only their lectures but also those of others, whether published in book form or made available on the web.  Here a good amount of ground is covered in a relatively straightforward and accessible way; and introductions to topics, themes, and important texts and intellectual figures are provided.

I will not upload all of my lecture notes, especially since I tend not to teach from written texts, and I provide audio-visual materials on the university’s intranet.  Nonetheless, some of the more coherent sets of lecture notes and/or powerpoints will be posted here over the coming months.

God & Its Discontents:  Atheism, Suspicion & Theology (UG year 3, 2012) 

  • Course Outline
  • 1. Who Is This God?  Suspicion & the ‘New Atheism’ (Pt2 pdf)
  • 2. The Gods ‘Return’:  Religious & Cultural Pluralism (pdf)
  • 3. Gendering & Degendering the gods:  Feminist Voices (pdf)
  • 4. One Cause, One Goal, One Vision:  Counting the Fate of Modernity’s ‘God’ (pdf)
  • 5. David Hume:  Dysteleology & Suspicion over the Miraculous (pdf)
  • 6. Immanuel Kant and the Limits of Reason (pdf)
  • 7. Monkey Mischief?  Charles Darwin & the Doctrine of Creation
  • 8 The Nineteenth Century Pt1:  Friedrich Schleiermacher (pdf)
  •     The Nineteenth Century Pt2:  Søren Kierkegaard
  • 9. Friedrich Nietzsche:  A Man Suspicion Mastered (pdf)
  • 10. Karl Barth’s Nein! to Emil Brunner: The Dialectical Theology of Karl Barth (pdf)
  • 11. Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ‘Religionless Christianity’
  • 12. God After Auschwitz:  Jewish Philosophy & Jewish-Christian Relations
  • 13. The Gift to Give Up the Gods:  C20th Kenoticism
  • 14. Many Apophatic Returns:  Coming Back to Apophaticism

The Many Faces of Jesus (UG year 2, 2011)

  • Course Outline (pdf)
  • 1. Introduction:  How Many Jesus’ Make a Christ?  Introducing Jesus of Nazareth (pdf)
  • 2. Biblical ‘Foundations’:  Johannine Christology & the Making of the Trinity (pdf Preface) (pdf Pt 1) (pdf Pt2 Quests of Historical Jesus)
  • 3. Irenaeus of Lyons:  The Grace of Learning Through Tradition (pdf)
  •           — Supplementary – Brief Life & Times (pdf)
  • 4. Cut-Price Heresy & a Council too Far?  Athanasius & the Arians (pdf)
  •           — Supplementary – Brief Life & Times (pdf)
  • 5.  Augustine:  What is so Great About Grace? (pdf)
  •           — Supplementary – Brief Life & Times (pdf)
  • 6. Anselm:  Godfather of Atoning Violence? (pdf)
  •           — Supplementary – Brief Life & Times (pdf)
  • 7. Martin Luther’s Theology of the Cross (pdf)
  •           — Supplementary – Brief Life & Times (pdf)
  • 8. The Christological Problem of Providence in John Calvin (pdf)
  •           — Supplementary – Brief Life & Times (pdf)
  • 9. The Muslim Face of Jesus
  • 10. Christology in Aboriginal Context (pdf)
  • 11. The ‘Lordship of Christ’:  Barmen & the Politics of Christianity (pdf)
  •           — Supplementary – Events (pdf)
  • 12. The Christ of Liberation Theologies
  • 13. The Jesuses of Popular Culture

Late Medieval and Reformation Studies (UG year 2, 2010) 

  • Course Outline
  • The Theology of Martin Luther (pdf)
  • Martin Luther and the German Reformation (pdf)
  • The Theology of John Calvin (pdf)
  • John Calvin’s Geneva (pdf)

The Triune God (UG year 3, 2009) 

  • Course Outline

Other Lectures (2009-) 

  • UG year 1 Introduction to Theology course (2011):  ‘Theology’s Reasoning:  Welcome to the “Garden of the Real” (Morpheus, The Matrix), Or, Really Thinking About Thinking’ (click here)
  • UG year 1 Introduction to Theology course (2011):  ‘Apocalypse Now!  Eschatology & the Apocalyptic Christ’ (click here for ppts only)
  • UG year 1 Sociology of Religion course (2011):  ‘Star Wars, Mythology & Religion’ (click here)
  • UG year 1 World Religions course (2011):  ‘The C4th Crisis’ (click here)
  • UG year 1 World Religions course (2011):  ‘Two Major Schisms’ (click here)
  • UG year 1 World Religions course (2011):  ‘Martin Luther & the German Reformation’ (click here)
  • UG year 1 World Religions course (2009):  ‘Introducing Jesus of Nazareth’ (click here)
  • UG year 1 World Religions course (2009):  ‘Jesus’ Life & Ministry’ (click here)

Teaching Plans for 2013-4

There are a number of areas I would like to teach in, and the upper level courses will largely be directed by my research at the time.  The following are courses I hope to run:

  • Issues in Religious Philosophy, yr 2 (possibly in 2013)
  • Sacramental Theology, yr 2 (possibly in 2013)
  • The Gods of Violence, yr 3 (possibly in 2014)
  • Religion & the End of the World, yr 3 (possibly in 2014)

Teaching Philosophy